MSSQL2005: Controll tables allways in [dbo]-schema (using 2.0-RC7)

Hi all,
I am trying to run some scripts against a MS SQl 2005-DB. That works so far, but LB creates its controll tables (DATABASECHANGELOG, DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK) in the [dbo]-schema (assuming that the DB user has privs to write into the dbo schema) instead of the target schema where the DB objects of the scripts reside. This behaviour seems different from implementations of Oracle and DB2 for which the controll tables are created in the target schema (as far as I noticed).

If I run a dropAllDatabaseObjects (Ant) transaction against a MS SQL 2005 target schema LB creates additional controll tables in the very target schema. This latter case seems somehow strange.


Ok. I have to give the defaultSchemaName attribute in the task. Then the LB controll tables reside in the target schema. (Found it out by myself  :wink: )

Sorry, your original message got lost in my queue. 

Glad you found it