Multiple Database Connections for Script

I have a case where I would like to use Liquibase to manage database changes, but I really need to manage multiple schemas and multiple connections.

Ideally, if I could define multiple database connections (multiple logins), then simply reference the appropriate one for a particular changeSet, then I think that would solve my problem.  I would make about 3 connections and be able to manage one master changelog.xml to drive and update all of my changes.  Alas, that does not seem to be a feature.

Note that I am using Oracle (11g) and Liquibase 1.9.5.  And apparently, the root of my problem is that I can not run my changelog.xml as SYSDBA (because that special account is limited to run from localhost, but Liquibase changes are not run from localhost).

Are there any clever workarounds or suggestions for this problem?

You are right that that liquibase requires one connection.  Would you be able to create a different account that has access access to all the schemas?  Could you use “SYSTEM” instead of SYSDBA ?