Need help with oracle multiple schama usage in Lb

This is my first post/question. I am using LB for the first time via Maven services. I have oracle12C as backend and multiple schema(s). As suggested in the LB best practices, my change log is pointing to master.xml.
My master xml is like this

<include file="src/main/sql/R1/R1.sql"  />
<include file="src/main/sql/R1/R2.sql"  />

if i use one schema for both .sql files all works fine. I want R1.sql to create a table in schema1. and R2.sql to create a table in Schema2.
In the configuration properties i added jdbc driver url for oracle and username ,password for schema 1

  1. Where should i specify username /passwrod for schema2. In oracle each user or schema has different password.
  2. How do i tell R2.sql to use schema2. if i say "create table schema2.table (x integer); " it says insufficient privlege.
    I have read lot of forums lot of suggestions learnt like includeschema etc., i am not sure where to add this. IT is not accepting in tag.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi @ramar922!

Could put a label or a context on all changesets that can have value schema 1 or schema 2
Then your update statement can just run:
liquibase -context=schema1 update

Only schema1 changests would get run above ^

Hope that helps.