MySQL Grants for Procedures

Hi all,

I have been attempting to track Stored Procedure changes in a MySQL DB using our Liquibase pro trial.

The Problem:

The command liquibase generate-changelog --changelog-file=changelog.mysql.sql is returning a changeset reading [ CANNOT READ OBJECT BODY ] for a stored procedure

Database: MySQL Server 8.0 (local) running on Windows 10 Business

Attempted resolutions:

  1. Granted all recommended permissions to the current user per this article

  2. Created a new MySQL user to match the authors name displayed in the changeset and granted all permissions from #1

  3. Verified that the is set to the user with relevant permissions. Other changesets for columns are pulling through, so I believe the connection information is accurate for this file

  4. Ensured that the Stored Procedure ‘Definer’ matches the MySQL user with recommended permissions

Any ideas or thoughts are greatly appreciated!