MySql schema vs. database problem

I’m trying to compare two mysql databases.

When I’m specifying the database in the URL the diff command results in changelogs containing the different schema although the databases are identical. E.g.:


This makes no sense as the other database has always a different schema and the schema shouldn’t be a thing to migrate - in mysql “database” is equivalent to “schema” it results in an error like “Can’t create table 'migratedb.#sql-9db_6f”. Removing both attributes fixes this. The problem is that I would need to remove it every time I diff the databases.

When I try to solve this problem and execute the diff with explicit schemas (via --defaultSchemaName and --referenceDefaultSchemaName) then liquibase says unexpected command parameters due to referenceDefaultSchemaName. Was the parameter removed since this post:


How can I fix this?