New feature. Allow UpdateSQL command to skip inserts related with specific liquibase change log tables.

Hi all,

I suppose that isn’t possible do it now with liquibase, but maybe it could be a good new feature if the UpdateSQL command allows export only the SQL related with the data base changes, removing from the generated file all inserts related with liquibase databasechangelog tables.

Reason, when we are deploying on productive, data base changes must be checked and revised carefully and we are not including the databasechangelog tables in productive environment. To validate the whole SQL script generated automactically with liquibase we are removing manually all inserts related with specific liquibase tables to do an easy comparison with other compare schema tools.

It could be nice if the updateSQL command allows skip the SQL related with liquibase specific tables.

It is not something in liquibase-core, but it is available through two extensions: and