Nonclusterd for postgresql

Hi gays,
I’m using postgres for development and sql server for production. I need to have a nonclustered index in sql server and wrote this changeset:

> <changeSet author="Sheida" id="1528sdf876614d">
>     <addPrimaryKey columnNames="id" constraintName="PK_Person" tableName="Person" schemaName="Company"
>                    clustered="false"/>
> </changeSet>

but i get this error in development environment which uses postgresql:

 1 changes have validation failures
          clustered is not allowed on postgresql,

Hi @sh.bijani ,

Sorry you are having issues, may we get some more info:

  • what version of liquibase are you using?
  • what is the exact command line you are using?
  • would you share the complete log output of: liquibase --logLevel=DEBUG updateSQL



Hi @sh.bijani ,

I think you are getting this error because postgresql does not have any concept of clustered indexes, all indexes are non-clustered indexes in postgresql. Getting such error is expected I guess.
Maybe you should test it in an environment replicated similar to your prod (SQL) environment. I believe it will work there.


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@rakhi ,

Thanks so much for helping out here!