Not a Directory w/ iText

While testing Liquibase 4.20.0 as part of working to resolve this issue, I ran a mvn liquibase:update and got:

[WARNING] Cannot handle classloader url file:/Users/geoffrey/.m2/repository/com/itextpdf/itext7-core/7.1.14/itext7-core-7.1.14.pom: Not a directory: /Users/geoffrey/.m2/repository/com/itextpdf/itext7-core/7.1.14/itext7-core-7.1.14.pom. Operations that need to list files from this location may not work as expected
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Not a directory: /Users/geoffrey/.m2/repository/com/itextpdf/itext7-core/7.1.14/itext7-core-7.1.14.pom

This looks to be the result of a standard iText dependency, which you can see listed here:

They suggest adding a pom dependency on iText, which seems to result in a classpath that Liquibase doesn’t like. There won’t be files that liquibase needs, but getting a stack trace every time we run liquibase isn’t ideal. Suggestions?

Hi Geoffrey,

You’re right, this seems to be overly verbose. It’s worth opening an issue in GitHub.

The error message originates in liquibase/ at master · liquibase/liquibase · GitHub, but the extension for maven, in MavenClassLoaderResourceAccessor, could be smarter about handling these situations.

Do you mind opening an issue Issues · liquibase/liquibase · GitHub?


Is it a duplicate of #3520? Trying to decide if I should comment on that issue or create a new one.