Not precondition failed error


I just started to use liquibase. I liked it very much. But; 2 days ago it worked well with precondition -> not -> tableexists and if success create table … xml.

Yesterday I moved the xml files to another folder. Then it started to throwing “Not precondition failed” error on the first changeset. And stops the migration.

First i tried to drop the 2 tables (dbchange*) but nothing changed. Then I tried to creating a new schema but the same error thrown.

I’m currently using MySql 5, JDK 5 and i’m sure that the table exists.

And another issue is it couldnt find the xml files in a JAR located at WEB-INF/lib. Im sure the jar is on the classpath because i use many classes from it. I tried to put the xml file in META-INF, later META-INF/resources, later META-INF/update but Liquibase couldnt file the files. I’m using same as CompositeFileVisitor(Classpath…+File…) at the manuals and ServletListeners sample. (Im supplying java.sql.Connection to Liquibase manually by acquiring from Hibernate)

Can you help me, What’s wrong with these?