Not seeing correct diffChangeLog between hibernate.cfg.xml and postgresql database

I want to generate a changelog which reflects changes I’m making to my hibernate entity models, but it seems I’m not getting it to work. 

I’ve updated one java class with a new column, and created to new entities in my java model, and added the new tables to my hibernate.cfg.xml. 

So when I’m running a diffChangelog with the following parameters:









I would expect to see a changelog with 2 new tables and one added column, but in stead I’m seeing almost all tables als changelog, except the 2 new ones I added. 

I’m still confused which is the referenceUrl, the postgresql database or my hibernate.cfg.xml, so tried to swtich those, but then I get ( in the diff stdout) all my tables as Missing Tables. 

So, in which of the two parameters should be the hibernate.cfg.xml, in the url or in the referenceUrl?

How come my new tables aren’t recognized by liquibase? Am I forgetting something?

I’m running liquibase 2.0.0 with liquibase-hibernate-2.0.0 in my LIQUIBASE_HOME/lib directory. 

referenceUrl should be the hibernate configuration.

You don’t have hbm2ddl running which auto-generates tables, does it?


Yes I did have the property set to update, I will try it without it!