Oracle endDelimiter pbm

Hello all.

I wonder why I did not see such a pbm there or elwhere in the net… peharps I’m a noob ^^

The pbm I face off is when I run liquibase to create packages, the “/” symbol from my division has been red as an endDelimiter : 

ex : 

my package function : 

Create or replace Package (name) AS


  PROCEDURE GETPROCESSED(data in, data out)




    select  CASE WHEN RequestTypeId = 1 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END “ARCHIVAGE”

           ,CASE WHEN RequestTypeId = 2 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END “PURGE”

    from request rt INNER JOIN requestdispatch rd

    ON = rd.requestid

    where rt.dispatchstatus = 2

    AND rt.dispatchdate >= (SYSDATE - pIntervalInSec/86400)

    ) A;



Where am I wrong please ?

thank you for helping

Okay, found.

The right answers was just there :

But enDelimiter is not enough : 

  1. the sql file has to be UTF8 encoded, 

  2. the final “/” as to be alone on a new line

  3. it have to be another empty line after

  4. the endDelimiter have to be the only on my sqlfile.

Then for the changelog, I need to have this changeset :