Oracle's SYS_GUID() and loadData from csv from maven?


I am trying to use loadData in a changeset that loads from a csv file.  For one column I want to use Oracles SYS_GUID() function to get the value.

I have tried various ways to get it to work but it either ends up putting the literal “SYS_GUID()” string as the value or missing the closing parentheses.

I think the way I should do it is have the column defined as “NUMERIC” and not add quites for the value (…,SYS_GUID(),…) but when I do, the sql generated for the value is missing the right parentheses like:

…, SYS_GUID(, …

Anyone have an idea of how I could do this?


change column definition to DEFAULT SYS_GUID() and do not import the column from the csv file