PostgreSQL - Invoking SQL function while doing CREATE OR REPLACE on it

I have a Postgres 14.4 cluster (AWS Aurora) to which I connect from my application using JDBC.

I use liquibase for schema management - not only tables, but also a bunch of SQL stored procedures and functions. Basically, there is one liquibase changeSet that runs last and executes a set of SQL files which contain stored procedures and functions.

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE foo(arg1 text, arg2 text) LANGUAGE "plpgsql" AS '
   // procedure body

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION bar(arg1 text, arg2 text) RETURNS record LANGUAGE "plpgsql" AS '
   // function body

These functions / procedures are replaced ONLY when there is a change in one / more SQL files which are part of this changeSet. (runOnChange: true).

Whenever I do a rolling deployment of my application (say, with a change in the function body of bar()), liquibase will execute the CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION bar() as part of a transaction.

In the few milliseconds while bar() is being replaced, there are other ongoing transactions (from other replicas of my application) which are continuously trying to invoke bar().

Only in this tiny time window, few transactions fail with the following error:

ERROR: function bar(arg1 => text, arg2 => text) does not exist
  Hint: No function matches the given name and argument types. You might need to add explicit type casts.
Position: 4 : errorCode = 42883

I don’t want any of these transactions to fail (we do not have any proper way of re-trying them from the application layer). This is seen as affecting availability. However, it is acceptable for these transactions to BLOCK (for a few hundred ms) while the SQL function body is being replaced, and then proceed with invocation.

Is there a way to safely modify a stored function / procedure in PostgreSQL while that function / procedure is being invoked continuously by multiple transactions?

Hi @namahesh,

Are you running this in a Liquibase createProcedure tag? And do you have replaceIfExists set to true? Or are you just using a formatted SQL changelog?


Hi @PJatLiquibase ,

I am using the community edition of Liquibase, so this is being done using a formatted SQL changelog.

I realized what was happening.
I had 2 changeSets in a single changelog:

  • changeSet 1 - was dropping a user-defined type (using DROP TYPE CASCADE) which was inadvertently also dropping these functions which were using this type
  • changeSet 2 - was doing a CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION which re-created these functions

Since each changeSet is a separate transaction, the tiny gap in time after the first transaction commit, but before the second transaction could commit was when these functions actually ceased to exist.
Any invocations of these functions during this time window failed.

This has been fixed now.
Appreciate your response.


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