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Hi all,

We are working on a PostgreSQL DB in AWS and are implementing Liquibase for our CI/CD pipeline using Maven and DevOps.

My question is around the repo we currently keep in Visual Code where we have a folder structure that resembles the schema on the PostgreSQL DB.
With Liquibase, would we only keep the ChangeLogs with their respective ChangeSets in the Repo and execute a Liquibase update to bring the DEV environment up to the same version as the repo?
It just feels foreign to not have a nicely structured copy of your db schema in the repo but rather Changelogs that are not easy to read for the human eye.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Hi @MelG !

Welcome to the Liquibase community. I am happy to help answer your questions:

This is correct. The changelog is exactly what it says, it is the log of changes going into your target db. It is not meant to function as a design doc for the schema.

I totally understand. Possible workaround to accomplish that: You could write up your changelog to point to subchangelogs that you can structure to resemble your db schema objects using includeAll.

Hi Ronak,

Thanks so much for the reply and your answers. This gives me a much better feeling about using Liquibase!

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Awesome @MelG ,

We also have 3 free course on Liquibase University that go through all the liquibase concepts so you will know the paradigm used.