Problems with Oracle -> XML metadata -> DB2 - defaultValue, and NUMBER

Any insight that could be provided for either of these issues would be appreciated!


Problem #1:

Changing the column from Oracle’s VARCHAR2(1 BYTE) to VARCHAR(1) does work – the generated SQL under DB2 of “IS_CHARGE_CUSTOMIZED” VARCHAR(1) NOT NULL WITH DEFAULT ‘N’  is correct. So the problem was not DEFAULT but the Oracle type of VARCHAR2, which is not recognized in DB2.

Problem #2:

I understand your explanation re generateChangeLog.

Thank you!

Problem #1: 

I have the a defaultValue changeSet in my tests which do run against DB2. If you change the type to be <span isn’t necessarily bi-directional. The normal expected use of  generateChangeLog is to get a start on a changelog which you would then manually modify as needed based on your understanding of the database and your needs. It can be a long process, depending on the size of your database and issues, but it should be a one-time thing. 

In your case, you will need to switch the uses of NUMBER to something more general based on your knowledge of how the column is used. Improving the diff/generateChangeLog is what I am focusing on for the next release which may help, but there are some things in the changelog generation that we cannot assume based on the data we get from the database.