Property substituting format

I’m currently updating liquibase from 3.10.3 to 4.18.0. I got problems with custom change set where our code also does property substituting.

Substituting Properties in Changelogs | Liquibase Docs

In that page it says:

Note: If you do not want to replace an otherwise matching ${property-name} expression, add : to the beginning of the expression. An expression of ${: property-name} will always be converted to ${property-name} regardless of whether property-name is defined.

One side note: It says that add “:” but example contains space. Maybe this is documentation issue.

But should this work? I tried “${: property-name}” and “${:property-name}”. With and without space. But those are not changed to expected “${property-name}” value.

Here is an example of one change set and what liquibase writes into log (find&replace was used to hide private information):

<changeSet author="nn" id="u/AAU" runOnChange="true">
  <customChange class="e.a.d.i.SC">
     <param name="updateFileName" value="u/AAU.sql"/>
     <param name="parameters" value="$${:language.${:country}};${:aa.p}"/>

[8:11:28|FINE]: Computed checksum for customChange:[

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Same here. Have you solved this?

Seems at 4.23.0 still have same issue

According to the source code:

There still have to set --support-property-escaping=true

I resolved it. you can reference the below step.