Pt-osc with liquibase 4.20

Is there any settings to file to enable pt-osc with liquibase ?

here are my settings

ls /opt/liquibase/

changelog.txt internal liquibase percona-tollkit lib liquibase.bat README.txt
examples licenses liquibase-percona-4.20.0 UNINSTALL.txt

cat /opt/liquibase/


Thank you

Hi @lq-user,

To enable pt-online-schema-change (pt-osc) with Liquibase, you will need to use the liquibase-percona extension. You mentioned having liquibase-percona-4.20.0 in your /opt/liquibase/ directory, which is the required extension. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Copy the liquibase-percona-4.20.0.jar file to the lib directory if it’s not already there.

  2. Make sure that the pt-online-schema-change script from the Percona Toolkit is installed and in your system’s PATH. You can verify its availability by running:

pt-online-schema-change --version

With these settings in place, Liquibase should automatically use pt-osc when executing changesets that support online schema changes, such as addColumn, dropColumn, modifyDataType, and others.

Best regards,