Reference environment(s) for bug/issue reports

I’ve come across some issues in 2.0.RC2 and was wondering is there some sort of document re the preferred format for how issues/bugs should be reported.

Specifically, are there any pre-existing schemas/environments that can be referenced in the bug report? So that the steps-to-reproduce just contains the specifics for the test as opposed to having loads of steps to create a ‘FooBar’ database. :wink:



There isn’t any documentation so far on a preferred format for bug reports beyond entering them into 

Normally the steps to reproduce a bug can just be a changeSet or two that would fail or something similar.  If you are able, you could modify the *IntegrationTests (such as H2IntegrationTest) or the changesets in source that they reference to expose your bug.  That can sometimes get you a starting environment.