Source code for 2.0RC2

I’m trying to find the source code for 2.0 RC2. I browsed the SVN tags/branches but did not see 2.0RC2 mentioned.

Am I missing something? (come to think of it - I can’t even remember where I got the binaries for 2.0RC2).



2.0 RC2 has not been officially released yet, so there is not a source build.  You probably got the binary from  You’d have to get the source by checking out with SVN.


Thanks for clearing that up.

Are there a list of issues that are blocking RC2?

Also is there a page that describes how to build the project?

I’ve tried “mvn package” but I get two test errors in MavenIntegrationTest. I’m not that familiar with maven so I assume that I have not set the environment up correctly.



Those tests are currently failing for me as well.  I’m trying to get a handle on how maven works and don’t have it quite right yet. 

There is the start of developer documentation at, but I have not had the time to expand on it yet.  You can see the remaining known 2.0 issues in jira (  The list is getting small, but there are a few important ones I want to get done before the next 2.0 RC.