Referencing changelogs from S3

I am building a lambda function in AWS that uses the Java API. Essentially, I want the lambda to pull the changelogs / artifacts from S3. Has anyone done anything similar?

The structure in S3 is something like:



In the Java call, how would I pass the S3 changelog key to the constructor:
String changelog = “how to pass the S3 object key?”
ResourceAccessor = which resource accessor will handle this?
Liquibase liquibase = new Liquibase(changelog, resourceAccessor, database);

Thank you.

Hi @admcleod ,

Than=t is a really great question. I believe one of our developers would be the right people to get an answer for your question. Hey @NathanVoxland @MikeOlivas do you mind taking a look at this one.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Aditi,

Thanks for the response. I ended up creating a custom resource accessor that handles S3 integration.