How to use Liquibase with Node and Hive

I have an annoying application of Liquibase, but there is nothing else that will help me. I have a NodeJS app, and I have a Hive table created through AWS Athena. I am curious how I can use the NodeJS wrapper for Liquibase (found on npmjs) to find a changelog file in S3. There is no documentation for this so I’m kinda stuck.

I found this: Referencing changelogs from S3

But they wrote their own custom ResourceAccessor, but I don’t see anything called “ResourceAccessor” in the Node wrapper, so again, pretty stuck. If anyone can help that would be awesome.

It looks like there is a ResourceAccessor in the Liquibase main repo: liquibase/ at master · liquibase/liquibase · GitHub

When I searched just “ResourceAccessor” it gave some other examples from other sources as well that may have more info to help you.

Looking for info about NodeJS wrapper for Liquibase led me to this repo, which has a README with some documentation that could be what you’re looking for: node-liquibase/ at master · liquibase/node-liquibase · GitHub

Let us know how you’re going, and if neither of these were helpful, I can reach out to someone in Engineering and see if we have anyone on the team with experience using this specific kind of configuration on AWS Athena.