Renaming changesets?

We use changesets in a slightly unorthodox manner.

We have a large modularized Maven application.  Each database-related project within it contains a databasechangelog in its DATABASECHANGELOG-table changeset rename operation.

I’m happy to go into more detail if needed.


It is something I’ve thought about in the past, we added a logicalFilePath attribute to the databaseChangeLog tag to allow moving the the whole changeLog file, but that wouldnt’t apply to the changesets piecemeal.

There is a logicalFilePath attribute on changeSets (at least in 2.0, I don’t remember when it was added) for moving individual changesets.

In your case, the filename doesn’t matter since they are all liquibase/changelog.xml.  I hadn’t considered cases where you want the id to change.  It is a bit of an edge case, I’m not sure if it is something we should support in the core.  You may be able to build someting (in 2.0) with the extension system and the changelog parser, but it is probably easiest to just change the id from referencing the maven module to be the (old) id hard-coded.