Running luiquibase diff from the command line does not work

Hi there,

I was drawn to Liquibase since it seems such a nice little tool. First thing I wanted to do is run “diff”, however, I cannot make it work. I am trying from the command line on Windows. Here are several problems I encountered:

  • In your example on you misspelled the command “”. Since one normally trusts Help pages, I would never expect it, so it took me a half a day to figure it out.
  • I wasn’t able to properly specify command with all the parameters. First it always reject “” with the error "Unexpected value : parameters must start with a ‘–’"
  • If I omit “”, then it complains that the password is wrong since the password is the last parameter before command is specified, i.e. “diff”.

Liquibase seemed such a promising tool, but I cannot come to use it. If anybody could provide any directions here, the hope still might exist. Thanks.

Glad you were able to work through your issue, sorry for the lack of help. The 's are a unix “command continues on next line” syntax that doesn’t work on windows. I’ll try to get the page cleaned up and more helpful to non-unix usage.

Let me know if you run into any other problems.


After spending some more time, I wasn’t able to run diff using Windows BAT file. However, I was able to run it directly:

[options] diff [command parameters]

Therefore, I’m glad to report that it’s possible to use Liquibase diff command this way. Thanks everybody who’s paying attention here!

For DOS scripts you can use a caret (^) for continuation on the next line