runWithSpoolFile does not create output file

I am using Liquibase 4.23.2. I am trying to run a Liquibase Changeset in oracle database using liquibase formatted sql. It looks like this:

–liquibase formatted sql

–changeset bsahoo:id_41 dbms:oracle endDelimiter=“;” relativeToChangelogFile=“true” splitStatements=“true” stripComments=“false” runWithSpoolFile:“id_41.txt”
create table tab4 (
id int primary key,
name varchar(255)

I am trying to create a output file using runWithSpoolFile:“id_41.txt”. The changeset gets executed and the changes are made in the database but there isn’t any output file created.

Need help on generating the output file for this changeset. Am I doing anything wrong?


The runWithSpoolFile attribute is only valid when runWith=sqlplus is specified. The runWith=sqlplus setting will cause the change to be executed with SQLPLUS.

Thanks for the solution