slash / after plsql block in sql script included by sqlFile tag

A lot of tools like Toad generates pl/sql scripts with slash after pl/sql blocks. But liquibase adds ; after slash and after compilation object is invalid. Shouls I always manually remove slash? Is there a better way?

The following works fine for me:

  • only put one procedure into one SQL file.
  • end the procedure definition with a / on a single line.

    Then use the tag to run the script and define the proper endDelimiter:

<sqlFile path=“create_proc.sql”



endDelimiter="\n/" />

Note the definition of the endDelimiter: a new line followed by a
forward slash.

If you do want to keep multiple PL/SQL CREATE statements in a single
file, then use


together with splitStatements=“true”. I think that works fine
as well. But I haven’t used that for ages.