Spring Integration

I’m getting started to set up liquibase with a spring application. As of now I basically only see the possible to set the datasource and the changelogfile. Is there a way to configure more (maybe passing in a properties-File)? I saw that I can set up the names of the liquibase tables for the ant tasks. Can I configure that in my application as well?
Thanks in advance,

Currently the only items you can configure via the spring bean is changeLog, contexts, and dataSource.  If you want more control within a spring app, you’ll probably want to create the liquibase.Liquibase object yourself and configure it as you need.  We would like to add more config support to the spring, but have not yet.


Ok, I built my own Springbean with a mix from the code from 2.0 modified to work with my 1.9.5-SNAPSHOT. In the 2.0-SNAPSHOT I downloaded from the Projectsite, the ServiceLocator is unable to work due to an ioexception in the classloader…

Is that the 2.0-SNAPSHOT you downloaded from the site, or built from SVN?  I’m hoping to have a new 2.0 snapshot out later this week.


it’s so version from the site. can access your snapshot repository somehow. the exception is in the servicelocator. it seems the appcontext resourceloader can’t load the jar…

We don’t have a snapshot repository currently.  The only way to get the most current version is to build from SVN.