SQL Anywhere 12

It is listed as Sybase Anywhere on the supported databases list!

Thanks a lot.

I don’t see SQL Anywhere listed on the supported databases page.

I haven’t done much with sybase anywhere. It appears to be a driver limitation. Do you know a workaround to the DatabaseMetaData.getTables() call liquibase is trying to make?



I realize that this is a very old thread, but I am providing an update for others who may be searching for further information about using Liquibase and SAP SQL Anywhere (previously known as “Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere” or “ASA”) together.

A side note that this topic has also been discussed further on the SQL Anywhere forums: http://sqlanywhere-forum.sap.com/questions/7786/using-with-liquibase-driver-not-capable

This issue has only been found with SQL Anywhere in Liquibase 2.x versions and is resolved in Liquibase 3.x versions.

A work-around for Liquibase 2.x versions would be to amend the JDBC connection URL to include an additional SQL Anywhere connection option that will prevent the exception - e.g.:

jdbc:sqlanywhere:uid=dba;pwd=sql;eng=demo; PreventNotCapable=y

Jeff Albion