Sql block with dbms is ignore on 4.22 and 4.23

Hey guys,

Since Liquibase 4.22.0, a changeset with an sql block with dbms is ignored in updateSQL, even when the database matches dbms.

So for I have seen this effecting postgresql and oracle databases (mssql appears to be working though).
And occurs against a real DB or with an offline connection.


<changeSet id="my_id" author="admin">
	<sql dbms="postgresql">
		<!-- any native sql -->
	<sql dbms="oracle">
		<!-- any native sql -->

Maven plugin config:


Downgrading the plugin version to 4.21.0 fixes the issue.

This issue was reported and fixed with the Liquibase 4.23.1 release. Please download this version and let us know if you continue to see the issue.

Hi Kevin,
This issue is fixed in 4.23.1.
Thank you very much.