updateSQL seems to run changesets that include dbms attribute

Not sure exactly what I’m seeing, but it appears that when I run liquibase updateSQL it runs changesets that have dbms attribute values that don’t match the current database.

For example, I have this statement:

  1. 1’, ‘3:c834cd178933d328f416eac85803fac2’, 91);
I’m running on an Informix database.

I really don’t want this changeset to have run, and now I’m leery of running the actual update statement.


For those following the thread, I saw the issue logged in jira and tried to duplicate it but am unable to.  Continuting to research


I realize in my posting I’ve totally confused the issue, because I gave you one changeset, and then logging information that doesn’t even use the changeset.  I’ve worked about four 14-plus hour days in a row and can’t see straight; I apologize.

When a moment frees up here from the latest production issue I’ll see if I can come up with a way to get this to fail.