sqlFile cannot find file


I’m having trouble with the sqlFile element.

My dir structure is as follows:

    ./install.bat ./install.xml ./install/pkg/schema.xml ./install/pkg/mssql/schema.sql

My schema.xml has the following changeSet:

However, when I run my install.bat from the root of the tree, liquibase complains:

    LiquiBase Update Failed: -Unable to read file INFO 22/06/10 17:29:liquibase: -Unable to read file liquibase.exception.ChangeLogParseException: Invalid Migration File: -Unable to read file

I’ve tried using install/pkg/mssql/schema.sql and various other combinations. All throw similar errors. I don’t want to have to use absolute pathnames.

Any ideas?



PS running a 2.0 RC2 build

What does your install.bat look like?


install.bat is just a wrapper to the supplied liquibase.bat script. i.e.:

    call liquibase --changeLogFile=install.xml update

what if you use a --classpath=pkg parameter ?