SSL connection to Postgress -Mode: verifiy-full

We are using liquibase docker image to connect to Postgres DB. Wanted to make SSL connection with SSL Mode “verify-full”.

Wanted to pass SSL certificates also from while making connection. Any idea how to make SSL connection and pass certificates using Liquibase docker image

@crazycrazy1 ,

Welcome to the Liquibase forum! Would love to help you with the Liquibase docker image. May I confirm the issue is you wish to have an ssl connection between the image and your Postgres DB?

The dockerfile is public, if you are interested in updating it you can just do a PR. Or log an issue if you don’t want to make the update.

Thanks for the response. I have figured the way to add the ssl connection via docker image and pass the certificate.

I have used jdbc url string for referring the ssl connection and path to cert.pem file. Would have been much better if there could have been one explicity liquibase.proerties for providing the path to cert.pem file

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That’s great feedback @crazycrazy1 , and I am glad you found a workaround.

(attn @Pete , @NathanVoxland , and @mariochampion , re: liquibase property for cert file location).