Is it possible to connect to remote database thru a tunnel


My databases are remote and I need to connect to them through a tunnel to be able to use LiquiBase. Is this possible and if so, how do I connect?


There isn’t anything built into liqubase to handle ssl connections, although they normally designed to be transparent to the end application, so it should be possible.  Liquibase simply goes off of the jdbc url, so if your database somehow supports ssl tunneling in via the jdbc url, you may be able to configure it there.  You may be able to set up port forwarding over ssl, which allows you to use a standard url for your database, but the port you are connected to locally is a tunnel over ssl to the database port on another machine.

Finally, there is the package and possibly 3rd party libraries that let you handle ssl connections yourself.  You would probably need to write your own custom subclass of your liquibase.database.Database implementation, but that may be an option too.