How do we connect to an encrypted DB of oracle using liquibase

Who you we connect to an encrypted DB of oracle using liquibase.
Do we have property for keystore / truststore path / password and type ?

Hi @Ash27,

This is usually all controlled by the specific JDBC driver for the database. Frequently it’s parameters as part the connection URL. Liquibase doesn’t have any special logic about how to connect, it relies on the driver to pass it the already-made connection.

This means that you’ll have to check the documentation for your database. There is a page on the liquibase site “Using Liquibase with Oracle Autonomous Database with ATP & ADW”, but without more information, I’m not sure if that applies to your specific situation.


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Thanks for replying PJ

so basically I want to generate diff json with encrypted database, which uses truststore and keystore.
Can you guide, how do we use the same in --url i.e URL which contains connector descriptor and how do we pass the 2 way SSL details to the --url parameter as you mentioned in above comments.

liquibase diff --referenceUrl=offline:ORACLE?snapshot=myjson.json --url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@<Connector_Descriptor>