Stop tag and message attibute

This documentation page seems to indicate that the “stop” tag has a “message” attribute that can be used: stop | Liquibase Docs

I’m using v4.9, but all the way up to v4.11, it doesn’t appear that this attribute is legitimate.
And when I try to use the message attribute, I get an error. There’s obviously something I’m not understanding here.

And a more general question: when looking at Liquibase documentation pages, what’s the best way to find out when the feature/tag was introduced (i.e. which version). Is the only way to review the various dbchangelog-%.xsd files?

I’m using 4.9, so I did a test also. I got the same attribute error in xml, but it looks like it worked in yaml, though the Liquibase deployment failed, here is what was in the output:

[2022-06-08 11:20:51] SEVERE [liquibase.integration] Migration failed for change set db-changelog1.yml::stop-example::doaksec:
     Reason: liquibase.change.core.StopChange$StopChangeException: What just happened???

It does display my message, so I think it worked.

Thanks for checking this out. So I guess they just didn’t implement this feature for xml. Do you know how to let the company know? Is there a bug reporting system for those who don’t own a pro license (yet)?

The other weird thing about this “stop” feature, is that when used properly (and without a message attribute), it’s treated like an failure/exception, rather than like a successful “exit” from processing. Because of this, it doesn’t log a row to DATABASECHANGELOG. So when an attempt to re-run the same changelog file takes place, it fails on the same “stop” changeset, even though it was done “successfully” the previous time. In my opinion, as implemented, the “stop” feature is not very useful.

I find this github issue:

@nvoxland @tabbyfoo Is there a way to get this escalated?