Support for Hive schema changes via Liquibase

Dear Sirs and madams I am interested to know if liquibase support Hive. It seems I can not use the official .jar hive libraries

I have tried the extension there is a extension for hive Using Liquibase with Impala/Hive | Liquibase Docs. But it is not working neither.

Also the extension required a cloudera .jar and according with cloudera

Cloudera grants to Customer a nonexclusive, nontransferable, and limited licsense to access, use, reproduce … exclusively for use with Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop.

My company is paying for liquibase and we are happy. We would like to use liquibase with hive. Is there any way to make it work? Is there a plan to include hive?

Hi @alfonso.garcia ,

Thank you for using Liquibase! :relaxed:
I would highly suggest you to contact the Liquibase Support team to get the insightful answers and guided assistance from the official Liquibase Support team. Feel free to contact the support team on