Tag Only On Change

That is a good work-around. At some point we should improve the tag support to support multiple tags per changeset


Is there a way to have a tag applied only if there have been changeSets applied since the last tag?

I’m using Jenkins as a CI server, and using the Maven plugin to execute LiquiBase updates. I’ve also set up Maven to automatically tag the database on each live release, applying the build number from Jenkins.

The problem is that if no changeSets are run between version 10 and version 20 of my database, but an uninformed system admin wants to roll back to version 15, then there willl be no version 15 tag present in the database, as LiquiBase is always tagging ‘over the top’ of the most recent entry.

I’ve found a solution - I’ve added an “always-run” empty changeSet that takes the build number as its ID, so there’s at least one ‘new’ changeSet for every buiild, and each build will have a tag existing in the databasechangelog.