uploading data


At the moment I can load csv file into database. Is there a possibility to upload this data from database into a file?


Have you tried running a diff or generateChangeLog with --diffType=data.   This will create a change set that includes the data from the database.  It will not be in a CSV format but will be in a change set format.

This option is not OK for me. There is a problem on a production server. I’m not allowed to touch the production server. To reproduce problem and prepare data for tests I have to options.

  1. write a lot of sql scripts.

  2. recreate via web interface entitities that exist in production on the fresh installed db server, upload tables that participate in the issue into files.

Cause I’me not allowed to touch production one, the diff option can not be applied.

I’m not sure what you are asking, then, if you cannot touch the production database to read the existing data. What data are you wanting to export as CSV?