Using inclusion of files with different distribution version


I’m thinking about using the following directory structure for managing our changelogs :

|-- dists
|   |-- dvt
|   |   -- db-changelog.xml<br>|&nbsp;&nbsp; |-- prd<br>|&nbsp;&nbsp; |&nbsp;&nbsp; – db-changelog.xml
-- projects<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; – prj1
        |-- subprj1
        |-- subprj2
        |   |-- db.changelog-1.0.xml
        |   -- db.changelog-1.2.xml<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; – subprj3
            |-- db.changelog-1.0.xml
            `-- db.changelog-1.1.xml

prd/db-changelog.xml includes projects/prjx/subprjx/xxx files that are needed in production
dvt/db-changelog.xml includes prd/db-changelog.xml + others projects/prjx/subprjx/xxx other files that are not included in prd//db-changelog.xml
dvt/db-changelog.xml includes prd/db-changelog.xml as I don’t want to  miss a patch modification that could be applied directly in production.

I was thinking that I could move included changelogs in dvt/db-changelog.xml to prd/db-changelog.xml when I want them in production, however even if it should work for production, I think it would break my changelog in dvt as liquibase will not detect that changesets are the same as I use relative paths in inclusion tags

What’s the recommanded way to make it works ?