Validation warning Long after the change has been applied

Just tried to upgrade to liquibase 4.19.0 for a dropwizard project that’s been going for awhile. I received the following error message:

java.lang.RuntimeException: liquibase.exception.ValidationFailedException: Validation Failed:
     2 changes have validation failures
          addBeforeColumn is not allowed on mysql, db/changelog/db.changelog.00015.FIN-302-Update-sor-transactions-and-history.xml::FIN-302-12-add-transaction-adjustment_reason::Jim Mochel
          addBeforeColumn is not allowed on mysql, db/changelog/db.changelog.00015.FIN-302-Update-sor-transactions-and-history.xml::FIN-302-12-add-history-adjustment_reason::Jim Mochel

This particular set of change logs were applied months ago with no problem.

Is this a new validation or constraint?

Thank you,

Jim Mochel

I ran into a similiar issue with duplicate changeset IDs being flagged as an error after a recent Liquibase upgrade, long after the changesets had already been run. I think validation rules are tightened up over time, and these types of issue might popup.