Various database users in changesets/changelog

I’m evaluating LiquiBase for our project (we use Oracle 10 and 11) and I’ve got a question:

We use several schemas in our project. And most of DB operations like table, index creation, etc. in schemas A, B, C, we perform using the users A, B, C respectively. Sometimes we use user SYSTEM. IS IT POSSIBLE to apply changesets by different users? And is there a LiquiBase using pattern (methodology) for that case?

Thanks in advance.

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We do not have built-in support for running different changesets as different users.  Internally, there is one connection opened at the beginning as a single user which is used for all operations.  Your best option would probably be to run a separate changelog file for each user/schema.  If there are dependencies between schemas and particular cross-schema ordering that needs to be managed, that would be difficult this way, however.  Each change can specify the schema to apply the change to, so if you can create a user that has access to all schemas (or run all of them as SYSTEM), you can target table creation etc. at the correct schemas.


Nathan, thanks. That is what I want to know.