Visual Studio generated script files


This is an xml file I use:


I have few problems with it. 

  1. I create this file in MS Visual Studio which saves files using UTF-8 with BOM. We have many developers and I don't like the idea of forcing everyone to save files using encoding we need. There are potential errors which will appear at every moment. So I would like to use those files as is, but I can't. Liquibase cannot execute SQL script because it always finds an error in the very beginning of script file. 
  2. Even when I save the file with the encoding which Liquibase can read, I still have an error
    Incorrect syntax near 'GO'.:
    Caused By: Error executing SQL CREATE SCHEMA [biglion] AUTHORIZATION [dbo]

What should I do? I’m afraid even when (if) I resolve 1st problem, I will anyway meet the 2nd. Please help, I spent very much time trying to resolve problems.

Thank you.

Hello again,

I tried to play with different options and attributes, on some circumstances I have been having this worked, on some not, but in different cases developers have to use slightly different sql script syntax. Now I have corrected my 1st question. I have a SQL script in separate file. What should I do to get the  script below applied? Remember that it’s created in MS Visual Studio and saved by default with “UTF-8 with signature” encoding. 

Thank you.

  1. [dbo] GO  [dbo] GO  [dbo] GO  ( NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL,  CLUSTERED  ( ASC [PRIMARY] [PRIMARY] GO  ON GO ON GO [MergeUtilsCreateColumnIfNotExist] ), ), ) AS BEGIN )

    = 0 BEGIN ; ; END END GO