What is the meaning of EXECTYPE = RERAN?

I have a changeset and its executed. When I check the databasechangelog its get updated EXECTYPE = RERAN.

From that time onwords, that script is keep on executing every time i triggers.

I am using sql formatted file.

–liquibase formatted sql
–changeset DT :PPC4246 runOnChange:true splitStatements:false stripComments:false

That indicates that the changeset has been re-ran. This is caused by having “runOnChange:true” on the changeset, so that everytime you make a modification to the changeset, it will run again.

The problem is I haven’t modified file since 6 months.

Today when I checked the history of build pipeline. Every alternative days we triggered for some other execution of scripts. This one also executed.

I have no way of explaining why your pipeline is running, I’m only explaining what RERAN means.

Are you sure the databasechangelog.dateexecuted is also being updated? That will be updated when the changeset is re-ran.


Noticed in my screenshot, original run date 5/16, re-ran on 5/22.

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I understand.
Thanks for explaining.