What is the schema path to include from a jar into current project

Asked on http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21711613/what-will-be-the-path-of-liquibase-changlog-xml-which-exists-in-jar-to-include-i


I’ll try to answer on there


Good. Thanks for the follow up



     I’ve a jar which has it’s own changelog.xml under src/main/resources. And i want to include that chagnelog.xml into my current project. 

Example :

Project1 ->



Project 2 ->



What will be the path of project2.changelog.xml to include into project1.changelog.xml ?.

I asked that question on stackoverflow. But didn’t get the correct answer.  

Sure, thank you Nathan.

I found the solution for this problem.

Use maven-dependency-plugin to unpack the project2 jar and then use maven-resources-plugin to extract the project2.changelog.xml  into project1->src->main->resources. 

After extracting use tag to include  in project1.changelog.xml. 

This solved my problem. I’m not sure if this is expensive but i think it’s a good solution.