What's your company's plan for scalability?

Do you have a current organization-wide plan for technology (including paying for continuing education in order to learn about emerging technologies)? If so, is it being followed?

And as a follow-up -

if you have organization-wide plans, do they include allocating resources to develop and test new programs, services, and delivery mechanisms?

I came across this article on Medium that I found interesting: Six Rules of Thumb for Scaling Software Architectures | by Ian Gorton | Medium

The six rules given are:

  1. Cost and scalability are indelibly linked
  2. Your system has a bottleneck. Somewhere!
  3. Slow services are more evil than failed services
  4. The data tier is the hardest to scale
  5. Cache! Cache! And Cache Some More!
  6. Monitoring is fundamental for scalable systems**

Are there any additional steps you feel should be included? Anything you’d omit or change in this list?