Where can I find the documentation for the replacement of modify column for 2.x

I read that the modify column commands have been removed in 2.0.  Is there a replacement or a way to do things like change column datatype, add and remove constraints?  I am working on mysql and want to convert to 2.0 without the column jar if possible.  Where can I look in the source code to find out how to convert my scripts? 

Scott Ryan

There should be documentation for all the the changes in http://liquibase.org/manual/home except modifyDataType which I’m hoping to get in this week.


Thanks for the reply.  Since this is the same page as the 1.9 version of the manual I assume some of the commands have been removed.  Is it only the modifyColumn type that has been removed or have any others been removed?  I look forward to the modify data type documentation so I can fully convert to 2.0.


The modifyColumn change is the only one that was removed, and the modifyDataType change was the only one added. 

I’m still looking for ways to better mange cross-version documentation.  So far we are just using a single version with notes on version differences.  Since we try hard to keep backwards compatibility, it’s usually worked well.