Manual for release 2.0

My first source of information for all things liquibase is, in particularly the manual.

Today I came across the an inconsistency. Our team is using liquibase 2.0 and one of our members wanted to use the modifyColumn tag. Unfortunately it is deprecated in liquibase 2.0. The xsd gave a pretty good hint what tag we should be using. But none the less, we would greatly appreciate an up to date manual.

So we pose the following question: “When/where can we find an up to date manual for liquibase 2.0”

It’s something I’m hoping to get through still but haven’t gotten to yet, unfortunately. 

I’d been focusing on the code changes first, and now that 2.0 is out I can move to updating the docs.  I will be working on it over the next few weeks.  The docs are deployed as a wiki, so if you find inconsistencies or old data, fee free to update it as necessary.


Thank you for answer my question. I will try to make a contribution to the documentation myself.