modifyColumn with version 2.0 still reports the error message of missing jar

There is an issue with version 1.9.5 release where using the changeset modifyColumn throws migration error stating jar in the classpath is missing. As recommended in the user dashboard for this known error, I added the modify-column.jar file along with the main liquibase-1.9.5.jar in the ant build file and also updated its properties file for this new jar. This addition of patch to the main API does not work.

Convinced by the 92% agility of the version 2.0, I replaced liquibase-1.9.5.jar and the modify-column.jar with liquibase-2.0.jar and upon re-running the changeset of modifyColumn still reports the same error.

I got this working by adding modify-column-2.0.jar in the classpath of the liquibase-2.0.jar

Do you know what the missing jar exception from 1.9.5 was?  The modify-column.jar is new for 2.0 and shouldn’t be needed (and should be ignored) if deployed with 1.9. 

It does make sense that the modify-column.jar needs to be in the same classpath as the liqubase jar.  What classpath were you trying to put it in before?


Apologese for the incorrect findings on this bug report.

  I have re-tested the modifyColumn issue with both the versions 1.9.5 and 2.0.

As documented the changeset modifyColumn works with version 2.0, but in case of 1.9.5 it requires the extension modify-column.jar