Which Liquibasse stable version I can use for my production

Hi, We are going to start using Liquibase in our production with Percona MySql Galera cluster and will be leveraging Liquibase java API for database changes. In our environment we are using java-11. I have following questions:

  1. How I can find which Liquibase community version is stable that we can start with? I see version 4.4.0 is available Download Liquibase Open Source | Liquibase but not sure if this is stable version.
  2. What all bugs are addressed in this version than from previous versions
  3. What sort of testing this version 4.4.0 has gone through etc so that I have confidence to start with this
  4. How we can keep up with latest changes that we need to upgrade to? Do I need to subscribe to any particular mailing list?

I appreciate any advise and documentation that will help me making this decision?

Rahul Srivastava

I found documentation Release v4.0.0 · liquibase/liquibase · GitHub that says version 4.0.0 is stable and production ready. So if I want to start in my production shall I go with this version or are there higher version in 4.x which are also stable that I can use?

Hello @liquibase_rah

Liquibase 4.0.0 is the stable and production ready release. However version 4.4.0 is also a major release and I believe should work fine. You may find more details about 4.4.0 here.

Rakhi Agrawal