Why Liquibase scans all the libraries in the classpath to locate db-changlog-master.xml instead of reading it from the classpath resources

When liquibase enabled with spring boot project, we see it scans all the libraries in the classpath to locate the db-changlog-master.xml files. While seeing the spring boot console, we see long list of logs generated to explain it scanned all the dependecies libraries first and finally lookup the class path resources to picked the changlog file. Should it supposed to scan the classpath resources(…/resources) first, if not found should check other resources?

Hi @rajasekar.m Thanks for joining the community. Liquibase is used in many different ways and making sure to scan all the places that one might put a changelog file as part of their application is something Liquibase tries to do up front. There are teams that add their changelog as part of a jar file and we need to look there too.