Wierd things with checksums

Mac OS 10.14.1 Mojave
Liquibase: 3.6.2
Spring boot: 2.1.2.RELEASE

So we had a dropwizard application that was using liquibase. We ported that application to springboot and moved over the .xml file and ran it.

We got an

oracle.jdbc.OracleDatabaseException: ORA-00955 exception when running our code so apparently liquibase was trying to run our set.

We looked into the DATABASECHANGELOG and saw that the paths for the file didn’t match, so we resynced everything with running the changelogSync command and it generated new entries for us with correct FILENAMES.

when running the code again we still get the same fault:

oracle.jdbc.OracleDatabaseException: ORA-00955

When debugging we can see the following, it generates a MD5 out of our xml, then it generates an MD5 out of the already generated MD5 in the database!?


2019-02-15 16:22:42.160 DEBUG 51968 — [           main] liquibase.util.MD5Util                   : Computed checksum for 8:6655e2c8d7983a338d41895acba0b208: as 97e4d04847a5754a05595ac8cdf76cd8the checksum generated and the checksum in the database seems to be the same, (except for the 8 in the beginning). I have no idea…


Not a single answer?

I have noticed that the forums don’t generate a lot of traffic and answers. You might have better luck posting this on StackOverflow. 

That said, the most likely thing is that the file paths are different. In yor changelog, ensure that you have the top level attribute set appropriately.

See this answer on StackOverflow for more details:

Steve Donie
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it’s not the file paths as i wrote in my question:

“Computed checksum for 8:6655e2c8d7983a338d41895acba0b208: as 97e4d04847a5754a05595ac8cdf76cd8”

Why is it computing an Md5 from an Md5?